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Vision: “The African trendsetter of quality and innovative sporting gear”

Mission: To ignite the culture of sport participation through our passion, quality and innovation.


  • Transnet Rural And Farms Schools National Tournament

    The Transnet Rural and Farms School Sports Tournament is a development project that is aimed at forming holistically run sports leagues for boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 19 in rural areas. The programme focuses on athletics, chess, football and netball.  more...

    The Transnet foundation manages the sports development league for selected 5 provinces (Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, KZN and North West). To scout for promising talent the foundation also host annual talent selection tournaments across the country and stages a national tournament, where five provinces compete against each other, with the various sporting code Federations in attendance. Once top athletes have been identified, Transnet hosts them at an annual camp, where they undergo training by coaches from the various provincial federation.
    • Date - June 2013 - October 2014
    • Responsibilities - Event Management, Event Logistics and set up, JOC application, Invitation, Entertainment, Minutes recording, Venue booking, Equipment hire, Health, Safety and Security, Accreditation, Budgeting, Cleaning and Hostesses.
  • Transnet Rural And Farms Schools Provincial Tournament Northern Cape Camp

    Talented boys and girls from Northern Cape rural and farms schools are gathered to showcase their skills in an effort to represent their province at the national tournament, when teams from participating provinces clashes.

    • Date - April 2015
    • Responsibilities - Event Management, Event logistics and setup, JOC application, Invitation, Entertainment, Venue booking, Equipment hire, Health, Safety and Security, Cleaning, Transport, Accommodation, Catering.
  • Transnet Rural And Farms Schools Athletics Officials Training

    The rationale behind the project is to unleash and develop sport talent in rural and farm schools and, to empower officials with knowledge and skills in officiated and managing the Transnet Sport Development Project. The accredited training was facilitated by Athletics South African.

    • Date - October 2015
    • Responsibilities - Event Management, transport, accommodation, catering, venue hire, equipment hire, Sporting facilities hire and facilitators.
  • Basketball National League SA

    The BNL is a professional sport and entertainment business committed to providing the public with the top professional basketball action in South Africa  more...

    and it was Selaki/Maina Sports opportunity to cement its reputation in the sports events industry. It was held over the weekend for three months at the Wembley Arena Turfonntein, Johannesburg. It is a league competition between twelve teams. The ultimate winner is then crowned BNL Champions ad goes on to compete in the Afrobasket Club Championship.
    • Date - July- September 2014
    • Responsibilities - Event Management, Event logistics and set up, Playing Attire, Branding, Team Court Seating, Safety and Security, VIP and Invitations, Décor, Hostesses, Entertainment, Celebrity guests, JOC application, Public ticketing, Accreditation.
  • Peter Mokaba- Selaki Sports Vip Suite

    Clients are invited to the Selaki Sports VIP suites to enjoy the game and network.

    • Date - October 2014
    • Responsibilities - Invitation, Hostesses, Suite Coordination and Catering.
  • Limpopo Pride Basketball Activation

    Limpopo pride is a professional Basketball team that participates in the BNL games (Basketball National League). more...

    The Limpopo Pride Basketball Activation is aimed at development of games of Basketball, training and identification of elite athletes. It is again aimed at establishing a provincial database, records to all level of engagement in Basketball. This program is to ensure that capacity for Basketball grows and to lead a Provincial focus on the development and facilities necessary to conduct quality competitions. Limpopo pride will continue to strive for National success by having programs that allow the current teams offshore players to succeed but also build progress that continue to deliver new Talent.
    • Date - October- November 2014
    • Responsibilities - Event Management, Event logistics and setup, Sponsorship, Marketing, Branding, Venue booking, Public Relations, Advertising, Media releases, Mascot, Entertainment, Giveaways, Budgeting and Equipment hire.

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